5 reasons you may be feeling tired!

  1. Your too busy

Working too much or just too busy, you need to start putting your health first and allow yourself to take the time to rest. This could be sitting down with a cup of tea and a good book, taking a long hot bath or even going to yoga. Block time out in your diary for time for yourself every week and know your limits. It’s also very important to take the time to rest when you are sick and under the weather.

  1. Not getting enough sleep

It is super important to have a good routine before bed. This could be, switching off electronic devices, having a shower, brushing your teeth the heading to bed with a good book. It’s important to not stay up too late as those who suffer from cortisol imbalance may get a second wind and struggle even more to get to sleep after that point. If you struggle to switch off which in bed some mediation or mindfulness techniques may be beneficial. Here are a few I would suggest.



Smiling Mind


Stop, Breathe & Think

Simply being

  1. Digestion issues

As some of you will know digestive health is an area that I’m really passionate about. There has also be a strong correlation between irritable bowel and chronic fatigue syndrome. If you’re suffering from stomach pain, bloating, increased wind, constipation, diarrhea or reflux there is a good chance that your gut isn’t working properly. There are many aspects of gut health which could be causing your tiredness. Your gut could be inflamed and struggling to absorb nutrients, there could be a food or foods causing you pain, or it could be a combination of the three things. It’s important to work out what is causing you digestive problems first before we can begin to heal and reduce inflammation in your gut.


  1. Adrenal fatigue

The health of your adrenals is very important and are responsible for producing hormones that you cannot live without. They are practically important in producing the hormones we need in stressful situations. Adrenal fatigue is very common, but your adrenal glands don’t really get tired but what happens is that, after a period of chronic stress your body starts to run out of certain hormones. As time goes on, it becomes harder for the body to produce the right levels of stress and sex hormones and that’s when the adrenal fatigue really starts to kick in. So it is important that we manage our stress levels and know when we need to take the time to rest.


  1. Thyroid issues

Your thyroid gland is responsible for metabolism and general energy production. There are many reasons that your thyroid may not be working and it could be caused from your genes. But it could also come back to your diet and lifestyle, it has been shown that thyroid dysfunction could be caused from gluten and dairy sensitivities or a high exposure environmental toxins. Stress can be another associating factor to the health of your thyroid glands.


It seems to be a contributing factor when all these possible reasons for fatigue, STRESS. In our modern lives we are taking on more and more, pushing ourselves to our limits and leading much more stressful lives. This is why I see so many people coming into the client with tiredness, fatigue and overall wanting to increase their energy. We can provide herbs and supplements to help but getting to the root cause and managing our stress levels will ultimately see the long lasting improvements and you should see move of an improvement in your overall health as well.



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