Nutrition and Weight loss


Food is medicine and there are no treatment programs or supplements that can out treat a poor diet. Nutritional support is a big part of any of my treatment programs and I look at what foods you may need to include or exclude from your diet.

“Just eat real food”

Weight loss program

There is NO calorie counting or meal replacement shakes it is based on consuming real whole foods. We get to the bottom of why your struggling with weight, it may be you’re liver, hormones, stress and I help you manage them as well as giving you’re the dietary guidance and support you need.
This program is
– Based on eating real foods
– 100% personalized based on your likes and dislikes
– We discuss your goals
– Work out what is achievable for you
– Email, phone call and face to face support
– This program isn’t about rapid, quick weight loss but long term achievable healthy eating


First 1 hour consultation $115 where we discuss your goals, likes, and dislikes to create your plan. Your meal plan will be sent to you within 48 hours of initial appointment. 2 weeks after a 30 minute consultation $70 and then consultations and new meal plans as required at an additional cost (30 minute consultations $70 and new meal plans $15). I suggest a minimum of 3 appointments.
*Private Health rebates apply depends on your level of cover